Best practice environmental management of agrichemicals for horticulture

The New Zealand Standard NZS8409:2004 Management of Agrichemicals is an approved code of practice under the RMA, HSNO and ACVM Acts. The code provides guidance to ensure that agrichemicals are used in a safe, effective and responsible manner, whilst minimising any adverse affects on the environment, humans and animal health. 4166  The code includes guidance on plant protection products (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides), veterinary medicines, fumigants and agricultural use of detergents and sanitisers. 4167  A copy of the code can be found by clicking here. The code covers the transport, storage, supply, use and emergency management of agrichemicals and containers. Note the 2004 version supersedes previous versions however some council plans still make particular reference to earlier versions.                                                 

Notably fertiliser management and use is not included in the Management of Agrichemicals code. A separate code is produced by the Fertilizer Association which contains an emphasis on farm nutrient planning and management. Many district plans relating to the consenting and allowed uses of land and discharges onto land water and air contain specific reference to adherence with the codes of practice.



Last updated at 11:04AM on November 27, 2015