Efficiency requirements

Objective B3 is to improve and maximise the efficient allocation and efficient use of water. ‘Efficient allocation’ is defined in the interpretation section as including economic, technical and dynamic efficiency.

Fresh water is to be efficiently allocated to activities within the limits set to give effect to the freshwater objectives. Given the multiple definitions of efficiency this is likely to mean that regional councils are required to consider what the best economic use of the resource is and ensure that standards for the use of water are established to provide for technical efficiency. Examples of measures to provide for technical efficiency are set out below.

Regional Councils are to make or change regional plans to ensure the plans state criteria by which applications for approval of transfers of water take permits are to be decided, including to improve and maximise the efficient allocation of water. Policy B4 requires every regional council to identify methods in regional plans to encourage the efficient use of water. Such measures could include the creation of incentives for water users to use the minimum required. 

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