National Values

Appendix 1 to the NPSFM sets out national values and uses for freshwater. The compulsory national values are ecosystem health and human health for recreation:

Ecosystem health – The freshwater management unit supports a healthy ecosystem appropriate to that freshwater body type (river, lake, wetland, or aquifer). In a healthy freshwater ecosystem ecological processes are maintained, there is a range and diversity of indigenous flora and fauna, and there is resilience to change.

Matters to take into account for a healthy freshwater ecosystem include the management of adverse effects on flora and fauna of contaminants, changes in freshwater chemistry, excessive nutrients, algal blooms, high sediment levels, high temperatures, low oxygen, invasive species, and changes in flow regime. Other matters to take into account include the essential habitat needs of flora and fauna and the connections between water bodies. The health of flora and fauna may be indicated by measures of macroinvertebrates

Human health for recreation – As a minimum, the freshwater management unit will present no more than a moderate risk of infection to people when they are wading or boating or involved in similar activities that involve only occasional immersion in the water. Other contaminants or toxins, such as toxic algae, would not be present in such quantities that they would harm people’s health.

In freshwater management units where a community values more frequent immersion in the water such as swimming, white-water rafting, or water skiing, the risk of infection will be no more than moderate. In some freshwater management units, the risk of infection to people undertaking any activity would be no greater than what would exist there under natural conditions.

The additional national values are:

  • Natural form and character
  • Mahinga kai
  • Fishing
  • Irrigation and food production
  • Animal drinking water
  • Wahi tapu
  • Water supply
  • Commercial and industrial use
  • Hydro-electric power generation
  • Transport and tauranga waka

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