Protect both identified and unidentified sites

Where heritage sites have not been fully identified, incorporate “alert layers” into planning maps which indicate where there is potential for impact on historic heritage. The heritage schedule in plans should not be for “information purposes only” and should be accompanied by protective provisions. Include objectives, policies and rules that ensure the protection of both identified and unidentified historic sites.

Key points to consider:

  • Use alert layers to trigger a requirement for a resource consent applicant to undertake an investigation to identify whether any historic heritage is located on the site. To provide more flexibility, in order to allow for the addition of newly discovered sites, some councils have used an off-plan register to provide alerts, but this register must be referenced in the plan
  • Revise plan provisions in light of the elevation of historic heritage to section 6 of the RMA and the requirements of the NZCPS 2010 policies
  • Restrict activities which may impact on heritage sites
  • Require historic heritage to be covered in the Assessment of Environmental Effects accompanying resource consent applications
  • Require the assessment and management of historic heritage to be undertaken in the context of historic landscapes
  • Facilitate and integrate management of historic heritage that spans the line of mean high water springs

Example Auckland Regional Policy Statement Chapter 6 Heritage

Objective 6.3.9 To manage heritage resources in an integrated way to ensure their contribution to the variety of heritage values is protected and enhanced.

Policies 6.4.1 Heritage preservation and protection. Policy 3. The subdivision of land, and use and development of natural and physical resources shall be controlled in such a manner that:

(i) the values of heritage resources of international, national or regional significance are preserved or protected from significant adverse effects.

(ii) where preservation or protection and avoidance of significant adverse effects on the values of such significant heritage resources is not practicably achievable, such significant adverse effects shall be remedied, or mitigated.

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