Offer regulatory and financial support for owners of listed properties

Regional and district plans can indicate that regulatory and financial support may be provided to the owners of properties which are listed for conservation.

Key points to consider:

  • Provide dispensations or flexibility for the need to comply with other district plan standards in order to achieve historic heritage objectives
  • Provide rates relief for historic sites and Buildings

Example: Auckland Council

Most legacy councils of Auckland Council allocated funds to assist private owners with the cost of protecting, conserving and restoring heritage items identified in their district plans and the Auckland Regional Plan: Coastal. Examples of projects that may receive funding include: 4074

  • Earthquake strengthening of buildings and structures
  • Repair and restoration of built heritage fabric
  • Maintenance of scheduled trees and fencing to prevent damage to archaeological and Māori heritage sites
  • Professional services, such as the preparation of archaeological reports, conservation plans and historical research.

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