New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement

The NZCPS places significant priority on safeguarding New Zealand’s historic heritage.

Objective 6 recognises that heritage values along the coast are not fully known and are vulnerable to inappropriate development.

Objective 6

To enable people and communities to provide for their social, economic, and cultural wellbeing and their health and safety, through subdivision, use, and development, recognising that: …

  • historic heritage in the coastal environment is extensive but not fully known, and vulnerable to loss or damage from inappropriate subdivision, use, and development.

The NZCPS sets out how historic heritage in the coastal environment is to be protected.

Policy 17 recognises the importance of identifying and recording historic heritage in order to safeguard it from the impacts of development. It also encourages councils to utilise a range of tools and mechanisms to protect historic heritage including collaborative management planning documents, relief grants and rates relief. In addition, Policy 20(e) highlights the potential for damage to historic heritage sites and values from inappropriate vehicle access and the need to manage this effectively.

Last updated at 10:46AM on November 27, 2015