Regional Plans

Regional Councils must prepare a regional coastal plan 4035  and may prepare other regional plans 4036  addressing regional issues including freshwater quality and quantity, air quality, soil management.

Regional coastal plans will need to identify historic heritage in the coastal marine area and provide for the protection of historic heritage in rules. Regional coastal plans should schedule heritage sites that are located within the coastal marine area.

Regional plans may set aside a separate chapter for historic heritage including objectives, policies, rules and reasons. Alternatively, historic heritage matters may be incorporated into other sections addressing activities such as earthworks, vegetation clearance, water and reclamation, where relevant. It is important that regional plans avoid administrative duplication with district plan provisions and are prepared in conjunction with territorial authorities.

When preparing or changing a regional plan, a regional council must have regard to any relevant entry in the New Zealand Heritage List. 4037

The Heritage New Zealand Sustainable Management of Historic Heritage Guidance series provides further guidance on Regional Plans.

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