Resource Consents

A resource consent application must include an assessment of environmental effects. 4056  A heritage impact assessment provides an assessment of heritage-related effects of a proposed activity. It should describe: 4057

  • the site and its values, including photographs and plans,
  • the proposed works,
  • positive and/or negative effects of the proposed words,
  • statutory or policy considerations, and
  • recommendations.

The normal test applies to notification of resource consent applications. Heritage New Zealand should be considered an affected party where proposed works are within, adjacent, or near to: 4058

  • Any registered historic place, historic area, waahi tapu or waahi tapu area
  • Any item, place or area listed in a District Plan heritage schedule.
  • Any historic reserve or Heritage New Zealand historic property
  • Any place subject to a heritage covenant, heritage order or  requirement for a heritage order

The Heritage New Zealand Sustainable Management of Historic Heritage Guidance series provides further guidance on resource consents.

  1. Section 88 RMA



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