UAE Test

Fishing - Waitemata Harbour (Credit: Raewyn Peart)

There are a number of matters that the Ministry for Primary Industries considers in the UAE test, being: 1727

  • The location of the proposed marine farm in relation to fishing areas.
  • The likely effect of the proposed marine farm on fishing, including the proportion of any fishery that would be affected.
  • The degree that the proposed marine farm would exclude fishing.
  • The extent that fishing for a species in the proposed marine farm area could occur in other areas.
  • The extent that occupation of the coastal marine area by the proposed marine farm would increase the cost of fishing.
  • The cumulative effect on fishing of any authorised aquaculture, including any structures authorised before the introduction of any relevant stock to the quota management system

The UAE test is limited to the effects on the practicalities of catching, taking and harvesting fish.


Last updated at 1:31PM on February 25, 2015