Best Practice Element Checklist

The following provides a checklist summary of the key best practice elements that should be incorporated into planning documents in order to achieve positive outcomes for the coastal environment and the wider community. Each of these elements is discussed and explained in further detail in specific chapters and examples are provided to help demonstrate the value of including such features.

✓ Define the landward extent of the coastal environment
✓ Identify and protect areas with outstanding and high natural character
✓ Identify and protect areas with outstanding natural landscape and high amenity value
✓ Identify and protect areas that are significant natural ecosystems or sites of bioligical importance
✓ Identify and protect threatened terrestrial, freshwater and marine species
✓ Identify areas where particular activities are inappropriate, and are to be excluded, and areas where they are to be provided for
✓ Control development in highly modified areas to protect remaining natural character
✓ Control the location and design of buildings to reduce negative effects
✓ Promote restoration activities
✓ Undertake catchment-based assessments of sedimentation and contaminants and control activities which contribute to the problem
✓ Control generation and disposal of stormwater and sewage
✓ Assess and map coastal hazards and provide climate change standards for development
✓ Only permit hard protection works to protect infrastructure of national or regional importance
✓ Map existing and desired future public access to and along the coast
✓ Require provision of full-width esplanade reserve or strips on subdivision except in exceptional circumstances
✓ Identify and protect surf breaks
✓ Identify and protect sites of significance to Māori and other important elements of their relationship with the coast
✓ Identify and protect areas with important historic values and provide for the protection of unidentified historic sites
✓ Adopt integrated and strategic planning for urban waterfront development

Last updated at 5:16PM on February 2, 2018