Proposed stock exclusion regulations

The RMA was amended in 2017 to provide the Minister with the power to make regulations for the exclusion of stock from water bodies. 

A proposal to create a national regulation that requires exclusion of dairy cattle (on milking platforms) from water bodies by 1 July 2017, and other stock types at later dates, was consulted on in early 2017.  It is not proposed to require a riparian buffer between a fence and the waterway.  The Government’s view during consultation was that if managed well, riparian buffers can benefit water quality, bank stability, and biodiversity. However, the optimum buffer width and how it should be managed depends on the circumstances and aims. The high cost of managing riparian buffers (eg, planting, weed control) is not justified by the environmental benefits in all cases. Some councils are already working with farmers to promote riparian management in high value and at-risk areas

Last updated at 9:29AM on April 3, 2018