Benefits of marine spatial planning

There are many potential benefits from the adoption of marine spatial planning. They include: 2741

  • Application of an ecosystems approach to the management of human activities through safeguarding important marine ecological processes and the overall resilience of the marine system
  • Provision of a strategic, integrated and forward-looking framework for all uses of the sea which takes into account environmental as well as cultural, social and economic objectives
  • Identification, conservation or restoration of important components of coastal and marine ecosystems
  • Allocation of space in a rational manner which minimises conflicts of interest and maximises synergies across sectors
  • Management of cumulative impacts over space and time
  • Provision of greater certainty for marine users

Marine spatial planning can also help create a better linkage between science and management. The process of mapping physical and ecological information involves the collation and application of existing data to relevant management issues. It also enables information gaps to be identified and future research to be prioritised.

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