Every day New Zealand’s marine environment is being utilised by a wide variety of vessels. These include fishing boats, foreign cargo vessels, oil tankers, cruise ships and pleasure craft. Vessels transport the majority of New Zealand’s import and export goods. They underpin the commercial fishing industry. They also enable extensive recreational activity along our coasts.

Each year there is a vast array of vessels visiting New Zealand waters, including: 2846   

  • 1,300 fishing boats operating in coastal waters
  • 770 foreign cargo vessels
  • 90 oil tankers transporting over 10 million tonnes of oil
  • 500,000 pleasure craft
  • One million passengers crossing the Cook Strait
  • 97 cruise liners with almost 140,000 passengers made nearly 500 visits to New Zealand ports 2847

Ukrainian Fishing Vessel (Credit: Raewyn Peart)

  1. Maritime New Zealand, 2012

  2. These reflect numbers between late 2010 and early 2011 during one cruise season

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