District Plans

A territorial authority (city or district council) must prepare a district plan for its district. 707  The purpose of district plans is to assist territorial authorities in carrying out their functions in order to achieve the sustainable management purpose of the Resource Management Act. 708  District plans must give effect to national policy statements and regional policy statements and must not be inconsistent with regional plans and any applicable water conservation orders. 709

District plans cover issues related to the functions of territorial authorities. These include: 710

  • The effects of land use
  • The control of land use for the purposes of:
    • Avoiding or mitigating natural hazards
    • The management of contaminated land
    • The maintenance of indigenous biological diversity
    • Noise
    • Activities on the surfaces of rivers and lakes

District plans are required to state objectives for the district, policies to implement the objectives, and rules (if any) to implement the policies. They may also state: 711

  • The significant resource management issues of the district
  • Methods, other than rules, for implementing the policies
  • Principle reasons for adopting the  policies and methods
  • Environmental results anticipated
  • Procedures for monitoring
  • Processes to deal with cross boundary issues
  • The information to be submitted with an application for a resource consent

District plans have a significant effect on the use of land within the district:

  • No person may use land in a manner which contravenes a rule in a district plan, unless it is expressly allowed by a resource consent 712
  • No person may subdivide land unless it does not contravene a rule in a district plan or it is expressly allowed by a resource consent 713
  • Consent authorities must have regard to any relevant district plan when considering an application for a resource consent 714  or water conservation order 715  and a requirement for a designation 716  or heritage order 717 .

For information on the process for the preparation and change of district plans click here.

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