Plan changes

Where subdivision is a prohibited activity the landowner will need seek a plan change to allow the subdivision to proceed. 317  In most cases, the subdivision will still need to proceed through a resource consent process. The plan change process is discussed in the Resource Management Act section of this website.

Structure planning

A structure plan is often included in a plan change. Structure planning is a tool that is often applied to developments of large land areas held in multiple ownerships. Structure planning is a key tool in achieving the integrated management of the effects of subdivision and sustainable management of natural and physical resources. A structure plan guides the (re)development of an area of land by providing a framework for future land uses, provision of infrastructure, open space networks, transportation linkages, and other features for managing the development.

A structure plan generally consists of one or more maps or plans of the proposed layout, features and linkages as well as text explaining the issues which gave rise to the structure plan and the proposed management response. 318

  1. A plan change may also be sought to reduce the activity status, for example from non-complying to discretionary.

  2. JB Farms Ltd v Dunedin City Council (NZEnvC C140/06, 13 October 2006) at [163] – [165]

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