Surf breaks under the NZCPS

The New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 (NZCPS) includes policy specific to surf breaks, as follows:

Policy 6 Activities in the coastal environment 

Policy 6(2)(b) recognises the need to maintain and enhance the public open space and recreational qualities and values of the coastal marine area.

Surf breaks provide high recreational qualities.

Policy 13 Preservation of natural character

(1)          To preserve the natural character of the coastal environment and protect it from inappropriate subdivision, use, and development.

(2)          Recognise that natural character is not the same as natural features and landscapes or amenity values and may include matters such as:

(c) natural landforms such as headlands, peninsulas, cliffs, dunes, wetlands, reefs, freshwater springs and surf breaks.

Policy 15 Natural features and natural landscapes

In the definitions section of the NZCPS, a surf break is defined as a natural feature. Therefore Policy 15 in regards to natural features and natural landscape applies, as follows:

To protect the natural features of the coastal environment from inappropriate subdivision, use, and development.

Including by;(c) identifying and assessing the natural features of the coastal environment of the region.

Policy 16 Surf breaks of national significance

Protect the surf breaks of national significance for surfing listed in Schedule 1, by:

(a)  ensuring that activities in the coastal environment do not adversely affect the surf breaks; and

(b)  avoiding adverse effects of other activities on access to, and use and enjoyment of the surf breaks.

The surf breaks listed in Schedule 1 include breaks in Northland, Waikato, Taranaki, Gisborne, Canterbury and Otago Regions.  

Last updated at 10:38AM on November 17, 2017