New Zealand Standards for Noise and Vibration

The following standards are published by the Standards Association of New Zealand and are recommendatory standards that councils may treat as a guide in their decision making. They may also be incorporated into district or regional plan rules or consent conditions as a benchmark for noise to be measured or assessed against.

  • NZS 6801:2008 Measurement of Environmental Sound
  • NZS 6802:2008 Acoustics – Environmental Noise
  • NZS 6803:1999 Construction Noise
  • NZS 6805: 1992 Airport Noise Management and Land Use Planning
  • NZS 6806:2010 Acoustics Road Traffic Noise- new and altered roads
  • NZS 6807:1994 Noise from Helicopter Landing Areas
  • NZS 6808:2010 Acoustics Wind Farm Noise
  • NZS 6809:1999 Port Noise Management and Land Use Planning

There are currently no New Zealand standards for vibration; typically the standards below are adopted for the management of vibration in New Zealand and are used to form rules in a number of District Plans (for example: the Auckland Unitary Plan-Operative in Part): 4697

  • DIN 4150-3:1999 Structural vibration – Effects of vibration on structures
  • NS 8176.E Vibration and shock – Measurement of vibration in buildings from land based transport and guidance to evaluation of its effects on human beings
  • BS 5228-2:2009 Code of practice for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites – Part 2: Vibration


  1. Chapter E25.6.30, Auckland Unitary Plan 

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