Lake Wanaka Preservation Act

The Lake Wanaka Preservation Act 1973 has the following purposes:

  • To prevent the water in the body of the lake from being impounded or controlled by, or, as far as possible, obstructed by, any works except in an emergency
  • To prevent the natural rate of flow of lake water between the outlet of the lake which forms the source of the Clutha River and the confluence of that river and the Cadrona River from being varied or controlled by any works except in an emergency
  • To preserve, as far as possible, the water levels of the lake and its shoreline in their natural state
  • To maintain and, as far as possible, to improve the quality of water in the lake.

The Otago Regional Council is required to have regard to the purposes of the legislation when exercising functions under the RMA, such as preparing a regional policy statement and regional plans, and determining resource consents (Section 8). The Act places a prohibition on impounding or controlling the water in the lake, except in an emergency, It also established the Guardians of Lake Wanaka, who provide advice to the Minister of Conservation on the management of the lake.

Sandfly Bay (Credit: Raewyn Peart)

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