Applying for a resource consent

The applicant for a resource consent does not need to be the owner of land, or to have any interest in the land, in order to apply for a consent. 789  This means purchasers of land can apply for resource consents for land which they are considering purchasing.

If you wish to apply for a resource consent it will be important to identify what resource consents you require, to develop a good relationship with the consent authority and to effectively consult (where appropriate) with any affected parties. In the case of more complicated applications you may need to engage the services of one or more resource management consultants to assist in the preparation of your application.

Fast track applications and boundary activities

A consent authority has 10 working days from the date in receives the fast track application to decide whether to publicly or limited notify a fast track application.  If it does not publicly or limited notify the application then a decision must also be made on the application within 10 working days. 5147

A boundary activity is treated as a permitted activity even if consent is required if the person undertaking the activity provides the following to the consent authority: 5148

  • description of the activity
  • a plan (drawn to scale) of the site at which the activity is to occur, showing the height, shape, and location on the site of the proposed activity
  • the full name and address of each owner of the site
  • the full name and address of each owner of an allotment with an infringed boundary
  • written approval from the owner of an allotment with an infringed boundary
  • a copy of the plan of the site signed by each owner of an allotment with an infringed boundary

If these requirements are met, then resource consent is not required and the applicant is provided with a notice confirming the permitted activity.

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