Obtaining written approval of affected parties

If the council decides not to publicly notify your application, it must decide if there are any affected persons or holders of customary rights orders which should be given limited notification. 791  Such notification gives the affected parties the right to make submissions on your application and lodge appeals. However, a person who has given written approval to the activity is not an affected person. 792

If all the affected parties identified by the council provide written approval, this can save you considerable time and money through avoiding the need for a hearing and the possibility of appeals to the Environment Court. It can therefore be worthwhile to approach each affected party to explain your proposals and to seek their approval.

The council will advise you who the affected persons are and provide their contact details. You should provide these persons with a copy of your application, plans and assessment of effects. Offer to meet with them on site to fully explain what is proposed. Ensure that approving affected persons sign the plans and affected persons written approval forms.

  1. Section 95B Resource Management Act 1991

  2. Section 95E Resource Management Act 1991

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