Suspending processing

The applicant may suspend the processing of a notified application at any time before the hearing commences (or a decision is made if there is no hearing). The applicant must lodge a written or electronic request with the consent authority. The consent authority must give written or electronic notice of the date on which the suspension started. 4179

The suspension of processing of an application ceases when the applicant requests 4180  or when 130 or more working days have passed. 4181

The applicant may suspend the processing of a non-notified application any time from the date on which the application is first lodged with the local authority and:

  • The hearing is complete; or
  • A decision is received if a hearing is not held; or
  • A different decision is made on notification and the application becomes notified. 5153

A non-notified application can be suspended for up to 20 working days, either under one or a number of suspension requests.  After that time period the consent authority must either return or process the application. 5154

A request for suspension cannot be made if the application was considered under a streamline decision-making process and the applicant has lodged a notice of motion with the Environment Court, the Minister has referred the matter direct to the Environment Court or a board of inquiry, or the application has already been suspended for 20 working days or more. 5155

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