Stormwater and Wastewater

Stormwater is rain that has reached the ground. 4846 Runoff is water from rain that flows over land into waterways and pipes. The quantity and quality of stormwater runoff is managed by local authorities to minimise flooding, maintain the environmental value of aquatic habitats and prevent the pollution of our seas. 4847

Wastewater is water which has been used by, and discharged from homes, businesses and industries. 4848 Wastewater includes liquid wastes but also sludges, odours and other residuals. Liquid wastes include wastes that originate as natural liquids such as urine or drinking-water, or from laundry uses in a house. 4850 They also include a mixture of wastes and water used for their transport. Wastewater travels in wastewater pipes (also called sewers) to water treatment centres. 4849 . Wastewater includes dissolved contaminants, suspended solids and microorganisms. 4851

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